About Poston Gardens

Poston Gardens came to life through the inspired mind of John Poston, founder of Daymark Living, a residential community for adults with intellectual disabilities, that gives residents the opportunity to attain greater independence and a better quality of life. Daymark Living is located next to Poston Gardens.

To help support Daymark Living’s mission to help those with intellectual disabilities thrive, residents have the opportunity to work at Poston Gardens which serves as the for-profit arm of The Poston Gardens Foundation. With each tulip sale, a percentage of profits will go towards The Poston Gardens Foundation scholarships to assist future residents with the financial costs of living at Daymark Living.

After several trips to Holland and extensive research, which included soil testing at Texas A&M University, Poston was able to bring the project to life next door to Daymark Living. Skilled tulip experts have been overseeing the care and growth of all tulips from the very beginning. Prior to the planting process, each tulip bulb was chilled to 46 degrees to ensure blooming tulips by February or March.

Please wear appropriate shoes and clothes. Farm land with uneven terrain. Unfortunately, wheelchairs and walkers are not recommended. We do have handicapped parking.

We have one Kawasaki Mule with a driver that will hold up to four people available for a 30 minute tour of the field.  Cost is $10 per person for a 30 minute tour.

Beer and wine available to purchase on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays ONLY. 

The garden will open daily (rain or shine) during season from 10 AM to 6 PM.

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Admission Fees:

Weekday Tickets

Monday – Friday

$15 Adults (16-64)
$12 Seniors (65+)
$5 Kids (2-15)

Weekend Tickets

Saturday & Sunday

$20 Adults (16-64)
$15 Seniors (65+)
$5 Kids (2-15)


$5 Prepaid parking online includes 5 tulips ($10 value)

frequently asked questions

What does it cost?2020-01-30T19:18:43+00:00

There is an admission fee and a cost per tulip picked! We do have packages available and remember Poston Gardens gives a portion of all profits to help fund rent for residents at Daymark Living.

We have an online ticket system and encourage visitors to purchase admission and parking online here to avoid the lines.

Can we bring our dogs/pets?2020-01-31T16:19:17+00:00

Sure, feel free to bring your dogs. Especially if you’re having your photos taken. Dogs must be on leash at all times and not aggressive behavior. Please clean up after your pet poops!

Photography Policy?2020-01-31T16:20:08+00:00

We do have a professional and commercial photography policy! We are thrilled you want to take photos at Poston Gardens, but we just ask you adhere to a few rules.

$50 per professional and assistants.  Clients — regular admission for that day.

Is there a fee for parking?2020-02-28T16:19:52+00:00

Yes, $5 per car. If you purchase parking online you receive 5 free tulips!

When are you open?2020-01-30T19:14:00+00:00

This is a two part question!

1) We are seasonal so we are open once a year for about 6 weeks. This season, we expect the tulips to bloom in late February through mid April. Exact dates announced in February.

2) Our hours (when we are open) are 10:00am – 6:00pm everyday.


tulip farmers

Poston found his team through connections and a trip to Holland. “I got so lucky because they’re all Dutch, and I had no idea when I started all of this,” Poston said. “I just flew over to Holland to try to figure this out.”

Bill Van Houten

Bill Van Houten’s expertise with tulips in the Texas climate and soil conditions is responsible for the vibrant colors of Poston Gardens.

A native of Holland and Dallas resident, he has specialized in importing and exporting bulbs exclusively from Holland for more than 45 years.

Bill co-owned ABBOTT-IPCO, the company that supplies bulbs to tulip festivals worldwide, including the Dallas Arboretum, before he retired.

Thijs van Zaal

An expert bulb farmer from Holland who has been in the bulb business for more than 25 years. For the second year, van Zaal is donating his time to this event. He supports the idea and mission of Daymark Living. Thijs said they will plant 35 varieties of tulips this season.

Kars Tamminga

A native of the Netherlands, is a resident in Waxahachie and provides supply equipment for the planting process of the bulbs. He was connected to Poston through Brett Hess, a real-estate agent in the area.

Luke Tamminga

Kars’ son, Luke also is crucial to the planting of the bulbs. Luke is a local farmer, who knows the process behind farming. He has a crew made up of three men: David, Poncho and Ruben.



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