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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We have answered.

When are you open?

This is a two part question!

1) We are seasonal so we are open once a year for about 6 weeks. This season, we expect the tulips to bloom in late February through mid April. Exact dates announced in February.

2) Our hours (when we are open) are 10:00am – 6:00pm everyday.


Do we need to pay for parking?

Yes, it is $5 per car. 

Photography Policy?

We do have a professional and commercial photography policy! We are thrilled you want to take photos at Poston Gardens, but we just ask you adhere to a few rules. 

Can we bring our dogs/pets?

Sure, feel free to bring your dogs. Especially if you’re having your photos taken. 

What does it cost?

There is an admission fee and a cost per tulip picked! We do have packages available and remember Poston Gardens gives a portion of all profits to help fund rent for residents at Daymark Living.

Don’t miss out next season!

Poston Gardens is only open for about six weeks each year (the best part of the year if you ask us) so make sure you don’t miss out on opening information, special events and tulip sales announcements.

*We do not distribute or sell your information.