Donate to Poston Gardens

Poston Gardens Foundation is a 501c3 organization determined to improve the lives of adults living with intellectual disabilities. While a portion of all tulip sales goes towards funding rent for residents at Daymark Living, we are constantly working to raise money to present more opportunities for adults living with IDD to live at Daymark Living. 

Giving Options

Donate in honor of or in memory of a loved one

Have a loved one you want to honor by officially naming a tulip in their honor? And better yet, the donation will also help aid in tuition/living expenses at Daymark Living. 

Give a one-time gift of your choosing

While Daymark Living’s tuition is certainly a significant investment like that of college or trade schools, considering the many benefits our community offers, it’s a great value. Your one time gift will aid in tuition allowing more adults with IDD to live at Daymark Living.

About Daymark Living

Daymark Living was created with one purpose: to help adults with learning differences and intellectual delays live, learn and thrive.

Understanding the complicated nature of adults with IDD is only the first step. We’re building an inclusive community dedicated to meeting a wide spectrum of needs—and helping all our residents thrive. One with an unwavering dedication to compassion and encouraging self-confidence. It’s a place where they can strengthen their independence, build meaningful, long-lasting relationships and grow. And where an experienced staff will always be there to give them the care and individual attention they deserve.

Name a Tulip

You can honor a loved one by having a tulip named after them. Your tulips will be planted and registered in the international tulip registry. Contact us below to get started! And thank you in advance.

By Check

Want to mail a check? That is great also! Our mailing information is below. Please include your contact information.

Popular Funds

Donated because…

“because I want others to have the opportunity that my son has to live at Daymark!”


$500 Donated

Donated because…

“To enrich Daymark programs and/or tuition assistance.”

$5,000 Donated

Donated because…

“In memory of sweet Marissa. Her memory will live on with a tulip named in her honor.”


$12,000 Donated

About Your Donations Where & How They are used

Affording the lifestyle they need to thrive.  The opportunity to learn, grow and live independently after high school for adults living with IDD is our highest priority right now. At the same time, cost is a factor no one can ignore. While Daymark Living’s tuition is certainly a significant investment like that of college or trade schools, considering the many benefits our community offers, it’s a great value. And allows adults living with IDD to be independent, strong and thrive with confidence.

Is Poston Gardens Foundation a 501 c3 organization?

Yes, we are a 501 c3 organization and happy to provide any documentation you may need.

What is the biggest need?

The cost of living for any adult is high…you have rent, groceries, utilities, etc. For adults living with IDD it’s very difficult to find employment and then find somewhere to live that allows them to live independently. That is where Poston Gardens comes in! We have partnered with Daymark Living to help provide scholarships to live at Daymark Living through tulip sales and your donations.

Is there a way to donate time and volunteer?

Absolutely. Please send us a message or contact us. Contact information below.

What does the monthly cost of daymark living include?

Cost estimates include: housing, utilities, washer/dryer rental, furniture rental, groceries and essentials, entertainment and recreation, programming/classes and books and supplies.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Thank you for your involvement and wanting to help. We could not do this without the generous community. For all questions or more information please contact us below. 

900 Cantrell Street Waxahachie, Texas 75165

Call Us: (214) 718-1945